About Industrial Marketplace

Industrial Marketplace is a business advisor company and built up conform buying and selling leads on the platform of Industrial Marketplace. We ensure that we connect you to the right people and help your industry grow.

Our tagline 'buy you want sale you desire' sums our nature of work. Our company is dedicated to provide buy and sale over 4500 categories and connect both type of client together and grow their business with our technical and market advices; each one of them tailor made for different clients.

The advices help the companies to focus and provide effective solutions to their clients. This help them achieve their shot term goals and build on their capabilities and company vision.

Why We are ?

We are a dedicated team of individuals who strive to provide you with best market advice. Buy and sale leads and connect you to the genuine people and trusted buyer or seller at global place. Our team encompasses of brilliant people, bursting with new ways of connecting you to the market target.

We have been in this market for more than 1 years on local bases and we are updated on the latest trends and needs with name of as Industrial Marketplace. Our insights and intelligence of prior work, makes us a reliable stop for your company.

We devote ourselves in helping you reach your niche. Industrial Marketplace strives to give you best of everything. We establish you to the right industry and contacts that is rewarding for your business & its growth with trust and help of Industrial Marketplace.

All the deals made are 100% confidential. We are your platform that opens gates for further communications and business proposals.


  • We are available 24*7 for all your queries and questions.
  • We ensure that through Industrial Marketplace, you reach your target audience easily.
  • We help you find new clients and establish a strong connection between both parties.
  • Your data is safe with us. We take utmost care to share it with relevant people to avoid fake callers/business.
  • We supports the amalgamation of two business companies, beneficial for each other.
  • Being expert in stock market, we help you to select the right one for investment.
  • We keep a close check on the on-going trends and keep you updated about it.
  • We also help you with the prices of commodities and the fluctuations in it. This proves beneficial to bring your company to top rank. And/or it helps in knowing where to invest.

Contact Us:

Industrial Marketplace


  • Head Office : 19, Shrine Estate, Keval Kanta Rd, opp. Parekh Estate, Rakhial, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380023 .

Email: industrialmarketplace2021@gmail.com

Contact no: +91 98250 40088